How to make physics in hopscotch 2


Continuing, because of @tastycupcake's post, the original got closed.
So continuing for the rest of the conversation.


i am sorry i did not mean it :weary: :sweat: :disappointed:


It's okay. Just think before you post.


No problem.

I do not want to cause a disruption to other threads. I fear that that may be the cause of the lockdown. There are some circumstances in which, subjects as deep, interesting, beautiful and useful as "physics" require so much discussion, that they can become too much for some people... who aren't as interested. We want to be considerate to them, just as they are to us.

Maybe some day there will be better mechanism for targeted communication between coders. In the mean time, to speak to the topic itself, I will make a piece of code that - hopefully - will help you to understand some real physics that you can use in your own projects - something that you can play with and change and learn from and, ultimately, receive real enjoyment from.

That is my ambition here. :smile:



thanks @oio :grinning:


t1 reopened the original post! Yay!!