How to make people look at your projects!


"How do I make people look at my projects?"

Here is my advice:

• Give things an interesting title
• Always spell the title correctly
•Make if bright and colourful
•Don't use click-bait or misleading hastags
• If it is a remix, always use the word remix in the title
•Don't claim anything that isn't yours, like someone else saying "My new game, Tower 1.2" on a remix of my project

Any other ideas?

How to make hopscoth profiles grow

I have some more ideas:

  • Don't use clickbait or misleading thumbnails
  • Use different titles for remixes (or put : (remix) at the end)


This is a good idea!

I think people really want to get featured so bad that they forget that hopscotch is about coding!



Yeah, I agree! :D
These are all really helpful tips!


Post links on the forum?


We can't post every project on the forum!