How to make "or" and "and" like a when block(unneeded; they added 'and' 'or' when blocks)



first, make an object and put this in

then, add a check once if block with the "or" (or and) you want

then a check if else

put one of the "or" options into the check if else, then put what you want to happen when that happens into the check if else. Put what you want the other one to do in else

credit is optional, but I doubt I am the first to figure this out.

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Ahhh I used than, not then. I must fix iiiiiittt


Great tutorial! Were you using beta?


This is awesome! It will be so useful for games! :clap::smile:


No, I was using the most recent update. I made this before the beta thing on the forum


Bump to teach people Stuff. Also, this was made completely on an iPhone 4s. Random fact.


Only two people already knew this.... Obviously not everyone looked.


Only 5 people already knew it? I expected more.