How to make multiple screens in a program



Being the original creator of nPad, I deal with multiple screens a lot. I have been on Hopscotch since it started. Back when values were new and only super advanced hopscotchers knew how to use them, you could only make iPads with values. So using Pi Pad as an example, I made the first nPad. It soon became the iPad on hopscotch with the most versions. One reason people liked it is because when a new version came out, all the apps worked. Pi Pad looked like all the apps worked but didn't. So anyway, there are so many versions of nPad. Up to 20, I think. And now I'm doing nPad X and still using values, the hardest way.

So the way I do it is make a value for each screen and every item that will be on the screen has this code:

When play button is tapped:

Set Camera to 100
Repeat forever {
Set Invisibility to Camera

Code to show:

Set Camera to 0

Code to hide:

Set Camera to 100

I hope this helps!

Tutorial ideas:

Awesome post @NDSDNS! Maybe you could add screenshots to show the code as well to make it easier to visualise :smiley:


I would like to do this but my iPad is at another house. This is my desktop.