How to make lines and titles on the forum with🌇



Hey guys, i've found out a secret feature to Text huge, and lines.


This is very cool @TromaxTheDestroyer!


Thanks, did you try it?
And did it work?
Thank you for your feedback :wink:


I know it does work. I really liked your screen shots that were edited by skitch.


They were actually edited by an app called Explain Everything.
I do use skitch but more rarely, but nice guess :smile:


Cool @TromaxTheDestroyer!


That's so cool!

It says that it works with BBCode, but when I tried using BBCode colors, it didn't work.:cry:
Here's an example [color=red]red[/color] [color=green]green[/color] [color=blue]blue[/color] [color=#DB7900]random[/color]
It doesn't work!


Oh, well it would be awesome if it would of worked.
Nice try tough. :smile:


Great trick TromaxTheDestroyer!

Here are other ways I found too—

You could also do it by pressing this button:

Or you could type <hr> (which is HTML)

@Kiwicute2015 that's a shame! I tried adding colours on other features using HTML as well but I think the site code might override it or something. At least HTML works for the line.

Did the line work with BBCode? I don't know any BBCode.


These come from Markdown.


I'm not very good with BBCode. All I know is how to make emojis and colors, and a few other things.
[color=red]Why no work?!
[size=10]Why you no work either?
:!: That's supposed to look like a face with a ! on its face!

Conclusion: BBCode isn't going to work

[color=aqua]TEXT HERE[/color]


Hey this is cool


Why isn't it working


Hi @Wowwoman make sure you type the dashes on a new line for it to work :smiley:


Cool! Awesome trick!


Hey thanks t1 you always help me ur the best


I am sorry to wreck your happiness but I already know that


You don't have to say or not if you know it!


Aww... I know bbcode too! Wish colors worked


I have that app :D