How to make it so people won't be saying "search before you post"



Ok, so at least in 1 topic you have seen people say "search before you post"

I'm going to show you how you can make people not say that!

1. Use the Magnifying Glass

You can search up posts and topics to see if your topic is needed a second time. This can also search up posts that may relate

2. Ask a Leader or Mod

Trust level 4+ can fuse topics that are similar to other topics. Tag one of them (or all) and ask to fuse the topic.

3. Think About it

Will this be helpful? Would this already be used?
Think about those things. You can use 1 if you don't know.


My magnifying glass is not blue...


That's because you are on computer probably @Stick88


@Stick88 Oh I mean on mobile sorry