How to make hopscoth profiles grow



There are a lot of different profiles that barely have any likes but make such amazing projects. I bet a lot of people said they want their channel to grow. So if you have any tips to help small profiles grow please let me know! :slight_smile:


You mean like profiles. When you said channel I first thought of YouTube channel lol

Well, what you can do is join the Hopscotch forums and whenever you publish a big project (doesn't have to be THAT big, just not like a remix), make a topic about asking for feedback. Or if you prefer make one topic for ALL your projects.


This is cool, but you need to edit this topic. A lot of spelling errors. Also, yah it's profiles.


This might help!


Put lots of effort into your projects and maybe post links to them on the forum. Avoid remixing too much and create interesting and new projects​:slight_smile: