How to make Hopscotch forum a app!


I hope this helps any question feel free to ask them


Cool! Now I have it on my home screen. this actually just puts a shortcut to the website on the home screen, not an app.


Omg that's amazing!!!!! That is so cool!


@EpicCreeper127-Forum and @Hoppertoscotch this was originally my idea. I made the project then she created a new one with no credit.


It might just be coincidence @Bubblyoreo you both know the trick and posted it on the same day. But thanks to both of you @Bubblyoreo and @SnowGirl_Studios for sharing it, it's a very helpful trick :smile:


oh sorry @bubblyoreo when I posted this there was no tutorial I always search before I post


I am sorry. I also do the same thing and there was nothing about the app. Strange


how do you add it to the desktop?


i think the same way..umm let me check give me 5 minutes


okay great! i will try to check in the meantime! i am on windows 10!




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