How to make gif emojis!



This is what we are going to be making:

I noticed some people were using this and I decided to do a TUTORIAL!
(this only works on laptop / mac / pc)

step 1

type two (or more) emojis...

step 2

right click each of them and select 'save image as'
save it to anywhere but REMEMBER THE PLACE!

step 3


step 4

upload the images

step 5

Change the settings, this is recommended:

But play around

step 6

click on the 'Create Gif Animation'

step 7

click on the 'download the gif' link

step 8

It should be in your 'downloads' folder...

step 9

you are done!

Have fun and enjoy!




great tutorial! this will really come in handy!


thanks, @SnowGirl_Studios


Hello???? Anyone???
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you could do it on ipad also i think! cause you can save emojis as a pic!


It... kinda gliches...


yay and it does not lag!


You beat me...

Meh, I guess I got lazy :sweat_smile:

Also, this does work with an iPad, that's how I made mine!


200 day revive

because its cool