How to make fast smooth pixel art


It’s for the size.


Here’s an even faster method. I’m going to create a small tutorial of it in a bit.


Here’s a small tutorial on the new even faster smooth pixel art type. I’m pretty sure it’s the fastest right now.

First you got to create a variable for the size:

Then you have to do like this:

This is what’s making the pixels load even faster.

Then create a start position like this:

For the pixels do like this:

That was an example for two different pixels.

I’m not really explaining everything because it’s pretty much the same as before, in the most cases.

This is free to use but please give credits.


Help with fast loading trail art pixels (SOLVED)

This is really helpful, thanks!


No problem :)


Hey do you know how to make a scrolling text on HS?


No, not anymore. I can try to find a tutorial or something though.


Okay thanks, only if you have time though!


Scrollable Website Tutorial! This one looks good


Thank you very much!



Gonna start using this version now (with credit)


I think it can be a bit laggy if it’s a big pixel art


Ok I’ll still try it though


@BB-Box you should see a game of smooth pixel art sometime this month. I will give you credit I will not forget


Thank you for the help :blush: