How to make fast smooth pixel art


cant u just use clone id? if you do it this way if the project lags for a frame it can miss setting the variable and break right?


TBH I have no idea. There’s probably new updates and I don’t really know how it works anymore. Sorry


THT made a premade Clone Index object variable, but it doesn’t have to be used for Clone IDs


yeah there’s a clone index so you dint have to have another variable it’s build in


Well, I am so happy you made it, AND revived it!

This is a really great, informative tutorial!!!


This is AWESOME!!!
I am creating a PUSHEEN!!!


Wow, thanks!
Please post the project here or somewhere else but tag me. I wanna see it xD


I’m having a bit of trouble, but when I’m done I will!


I was going to say, post here if you have any problems but I don’t remember how to do XD
Haven’t made something on HS in a while.


I’m on the journey now!!





That was awesome though i liked it! Tu Aashqui


If any of the leaders see this, please don’t close this topic. I know it’s old, but I know that people still use this method and I wanna be able to help here if it’s needed.


Also, can someone put this in the correct category?


I agree I have always wanted to make a pixel art… Do you mind if I could use your code in one of my projects? If you want I can give you credit.


This is to @BB-Box


Nice topic

I didn’t even know this was made


Me either that is why I am asking for a request (above)


I’ve been using this method for a while

(And giving credit)