How to make fast smooth pixel art


i recommend you to learn “normal” pixel art before reading this

Today I’ll show how to do a much faster version of the normal smoth pixel art.
You can see an example of it here:

So first you need to create a project and place out a text object.
Inside it you should take a when game starts block and then a set value block like this:

Now you should create a value that’s for the size and movement of the pixels. Set it to the size you want, like this:

Now, if you change this value the pixel art will be bigger/smaller.
Now you should place out a repeat block, and place your movement/size value one there, like this:

Inside the repeat block you should place a create a clone block, and an increase value block, like this:

Now you shall create a value from the objects place. I’ll call mine “ID”. You should increase it by one:

Now you shouldn’t do anymore in the when game starts block.

Create a “when object is cloned” block. Inside it you should place out a set value block. Set the value that I call “ID” to the text objects ID, like this:

Now you’ve done all preparations for starting to do your first line of your pixel art.

Now inside the “object is cloned” block, create a custon block named start position(you can name it whatever you want)
Inside it you should place out an set position block, like this:

Set the x position to the x position you want + self ID, like this:

Set the y position to the y position you want:

Now you should create a custom block named the colour you want and place a draw a trail block inside it, like this:

Set the size to one. Inside it place an change y by block and set it to the value I call move like this:

Now you should place a change y by block and set it to “move” * -1. Below the “draw a trail block” you should place a change x by block that you should set to “move”, like this:

Now you’ve made a pixel, so when you play the project it should look like this:

When creating a new colour you shall just do like you did in the other colour with the movement etc.
I recommend you to make a down, left, and right block, that’ll move you one block.
If you’ve made pixel art before you’ll know how to do it and if you don’t I recommend you to check some of the other pixel art tutorials.

description of how it works

So basically, every clone you create has its own individual value, and each clone that is created has one higher individual value that the previous value.
So when you set the position to the position + the value, it’ll move by the individual value.
Now each clone will draw one line of the pixel and that’s why it’s moving faster that other pixel arts.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions you can ask me.

this is free to use, but I would like to have credits




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Super fast pixel art

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