How To Make Emoji Waves!



Want to learn how to make emoji waves? Well here's how! First, choose a text block and place it X:0 Y:200. Make a new rule, When the Play Button is Tapped. Pull out a repeat block and repeat 20 times. Pull out a create a clone block and put it inside the repeat block. Now you need a increase value block, put it below the create a clone block, and create a new value called Wave. Increase "Wave" by 1.

Pull out a wait block and wait 50 milliseconds.

Exit out of the rule and make a new rule, When Character is Cloned. Get a Set Position Block. For X you need a plus block, first space you'll need to go to values and put your characters X position. In the second space you need a multiplication block. In the first space of the multiplication block just put 50. In the second space put the value we made earlier called "Wave." For Y just put 200.
Bring out a set text block, and put 3 rows of whatever emojis you want to use.
Now for the final part get a repeat forever block and turn -2 degrees.
And there you have your own nice looking emoji wave! Cowabunga!


Good luck with your wave!


This is very nice tutorial! I like how you used screenshots and explained what you were doing as you went along! Keep up the good work! :grinning:


Thanks @Madi_Hopscotch_.


I agree @Madi_Hopscotch_ it is very nice.