How to make [details] folders always work ;D



Hi! In this topic, I’m going to show you how to make the [details] folders always work. It’s pretty simple and a lot of you probably already know it, but anyways this topic is for those who don’t :)

So… What I always do to make sure it hides is to always use spaces between my sentences and the folders.

For example:

Don’t do this:

I love pizza! [details=I love pizza] I soooo love pizza! [/details] Pizzaaaaa

Do this instead! :D

I love pizza!

[details=I love pizza]

I soooo love pizza!



Then, it will turn out like this:

I love pizza!

I love pizza

I soooo love pizza!


Instead of like this:

I love pizza!

I love pizza

I sooooo love pizza!


Hope this helped! :D


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There’s only one other topic…and was last posted in in September


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Isn’t this the only one? It would be some hundred days revive

I did lol

But the reason I made this new topic is because a lot of people on here don’t think to search up old topics and most of the time if a topic is super old and somebody just revived it not many pay attention to it. I wanted to make sure as many people as possible know this that way we won’t have trouble with folders any more. It’s good to always be helpful :DDD


Yet you still made the topic.


@Petrichor if you read this post, you will see why I still made the topic (^-^)


I did. And that is why we tell. Them to.


Not sure I understand that post… Anyways I think having more then one topic about stuff like this is good so that users can get as much info as possible about these sorts of things! :D

I hope this works

Super helpful topic, thanks!

You're welcome! And thank you!

Glad I could help! :D


Here is another one, which is more recent:

This is the best solution:




I always see people saying this, but I don’t know what it means/stands for.


It means “Search before you post” :)

If you have any more questions just ask! ^-^


thx so much!!! :blush:


You’re welcome! Anytime ;D ;D


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