How To: Make Cool Spinning Text!


Today, I'm going to teach you something I experimented with today. It's SUPER COOL! :smile:
I'm going to give screenshots, and explain what's going on.
First, drag out a text block. Name it whatever you want!

Now, copy this code. I'll teach you what it does!

First, we make the object grow by something called "Clone Number." Right when a value is made, it's default value is 0. So, it's growing by 0, because we haven't assigned the value a number yet.
Next, we have a Repeat block. Whatever is inside here will repeat however many times you tell it to. I used 100, because that sounds like a good number. :slight_smile:
Next, we have a create a clone block. This will just clone an object. It will look exactly the same, because we haven't told it to do anything yet!
Then, an Increase Value block. The rule says, "Increase Value 'CloneNumber' by 1." Also, this is in a repeat block, so every time it repeats, my value will get bigger.
TRIVIA: What number will it stop at?
ANSWER: 100! This is because it will only repeat 100 times!
Well, my number keeps growing, but what's that going to do? It won't grow my original object, because the rule is BEFORE the Repeat Block, so what now?


Now, enter a new "When."
Use, "When Object is Cloned." This new "When" only pops up if you've created a clone. In other words, you've just unlocked a super-secret new rule. Awesome job! :3
Now, copy this code. I'll explain it.

The first block is, Set Color to "Random 12-15."
And why are they numbers instead of colors?
I'll answer the first question first. :slight_smile:
There's a super secret hack you can use. :open_mouth:
Let me teach you! First, drag out a new block that has numbers. Like Move Forward! Insert a random block. Don't adjust the numbers yet.
Now, hold onto the block to get a menu that says "Cut, Copy, Paste" or "Select, Select All, Paste."
Before clicking anything, make sure the RANDOM is highlighted. Otherwise, you'll end up pasting the Move block. :frowning:
Now, click (if you have it) "Select." Then, click Cut. Now, delete the Move Forward block. We don't need that.
Hard part is OVER! :sweat_smile:
Now, all you have to do is paste it into the Set Color block.
Good job!
Now, I'll explain how numbers represent colors.
Do you see the color menu? Well, here it is. Each color is assigned a number. So, if you wanted to say, "Set Color to Dark Purple," you could really say, "Set Color to 0." It works. Try if you want! You can use the image below to help select numbers. I'm not sure if the numbers are right, though.
Now pick random, and enter any two values you want.
Now for the "Grow by CloneNumber block."
Every time the object is cloned it'll grow by this value.
But the value is growing, remember?
Which means, the first time the object with cloned, the size will be 101.
Then, 102. 103...etc. (Default size is 100.)
So, they'll keep getting bigger and bigger! :slight_smile:

Now for the "Turn by CloneNumber" block.
It's in a repeat forever block, so it'll turn forever.
It will turn however many degrees "clone number" is at.
For instance, if I was at my 42nd clone, only that clone would be turning 42 degrees, and have a size of 142. The 41st clone would be turning at 41 degrees and have a size of 141.
Cool, huh?
Now for the background!
Drag out a new text object, and make it leave a trail of whatever color you want at a size of 3000 or MORE!
It's like a big dot! :slight_smile:

That's it!
Yours should look like this, except maybe with different colors:
If you want to see the actual project, it's on my profile.
OR: Click this link: Click Here to See My Example!
This took a long time to write, even though it's not half as good as @Mathgirl's tutorials. :slight_smile:
Thank you! Also, if you do use, please give credit. :sweat_smile:


Great tutorial!

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