How to make clones do something individually

So I’m trying to have a project where the clones will do the same thing, individually, after on another. So if you try to put “if self index = #” then only one will do the action. And if you don’t put anything, every clone will do the action at the same time. Help.


Can you give me a link?
You can do this code when the cloning is finished:
When object is cloned
Repeat forever
Check once if (value) < (total clones) +1
Check once if (self clone index) = (value)
some code
Increase (Value) by 1


I mean but it’s kinda a surprise so…

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Actually another quick question how do you get clone index in projects before it came out?


Or self



To get Clone Index + Total clones in older drafts, you need to edit the “Player version” in the Json file.

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You could have a variable named “Queue” or something. Then

When (Queue) = (self.Clone index)
. [do stuff]
. increase (Queue) by 1


Make a value keep going up and up.
then do
when the value = 1
when the value = 2

How to you edit the JSON file

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WHy do you need to edit the .json file?


You connect your iPad to a computer, then open iTunes and click the iPad symbol in the top left. Click Apps and scroll down to the section showing apps that can transfer files to a computer. Download the “jSON projects” folder from Hopscotch and edit one of the draft files.

It may be good to log out of your account first, and only open the draft you want to edit. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time finding the correct draft. You may also want to create a backup of the draft first.



Before Clone index +TOtoal clones came out there was a way to give instructions to individual clones.
Something like this,

Make a variable “ME”

When game starts, repeat 20 times create clone.

When ME = 19, wait 1 sec, set ME to -1
When iPads tapped, change ME by 1

When clones created, set angle to ME
Change ME by 1,
Forever if ME = rotation of clone, DO WHATEVER, change ME by 1

This is a quick example of creating 20 clones and making each clone do something one after another in sequence.