How to make characters behind lines?



I want to make a story and this is part two of it and some of those cupcake characters are in jail. (Don't worry, the story ends out with them out with freedom) and I want to make bars INFRONT of them, but I don't know how to make a trail do this. Explain if this is possible or not please!!

  • this is not possible, just not
  • this is possible, hard to explain
  • this is possible. I will tell you how to do this.
  • not possible, I can explain why
  • no clue
  • I have the same problem!!!



It is my understanding that this is currently not possible, though I agree that it could be useful, if it were made possible.


Same problem with me. I feel your pain


Wait you know magma pop's 3d cupcake you could give him/her credit and use the 3d cupcake surely the leave a trail would go in front of a fake cupcake!


I'm now going to put a topic about asking for this update


I don't believe this is possible, but you can make it look like it. You can use blocks like these: ▏,▝, etc.


Now I don't know if this is helpful, seeing as I had a little bit of trouble understanding what you wanted, but what I did see was that you wanted the Cupcake to be behind bars. You can do this by drawing the bars like normal, but sending Cupcake to back. This is the best way to draw over Cupcake but if you have a background this would be a problem, seeing as Cupcake would go behind your background. I hope this is helpful!!



All drawing lines made with the Leave a Trail block go to the very back of the project so unfortunately you can't draw the bars in front of other objects even if you send them to back.


The only way you can get the bars infront of cupcake is using somthing like— and then rotate 90 degrees


Exactly! That is what I was going to say! You need fancy key or some sort of app to get those though... 。◕‿◕。


How do you get those things on the keyboard?


Copy this and then you can copy this into your project and make it into bars


I'm on iPad, you can't do that on iPad.


Yes you can
If you are allowed download emoji smiley
And another way to do it is o make cupcake half invisable


Ok I downloaded emoji smiley. Now what????????


If you're using Emoji Smiley, find the U⇄ button and tap it. Then scroll down until you find "Block Elements" and you'll see different shaped rectangles which you can use to make bars :smiley:


Ok thanks @t1_hopscotch


▦ Something like that might work too. (It needs some growing)


Yes you could! You can also get Japenese Keyboards, they have stuff like ☆♧★☁︎☀︎☂☃♨︎♤♠︎◎○■□▽◇●


Ugh too late sorry already published :frowning: