How to make character silhouettes πŸ‘



This is a quick tutorial on a trick that I thought some hopscotchers might not know.
So the trick is to get bird to look like this -

And the code is super simple. You could even do this without the HSB, and just use hopscotch black.

So there ya go... thank you for checking this topic out!
As always, happy coding!

Additionally, you can turn the hopscotch characters any color -

By using the same code, simply changing the color from black -

Again, thanks for checking this topic out!


Okay I think this is great! :grin::grin::grin: you could always make them other colors too! :smiley::smile::smile::grin::grin:


True! I literally just discovered this ten minutes ago -- maybe I will add the fact that you can turn them different colors into my post, too!


The Hopscotch black is gray, btw.
(Gary banner!)


This will be very helpful for lots of people, thank you! I think it's lovely of you to make this :smile:


This is a great guide! It is helpful, so thank you for sharing it to the community!


@t1_hopscotch and @William04GamerA, thank you so much!


That's so cool! I never knew this before. It didn't work in the older versions. :o


Example for you all, from me, this got featured


Woah didn't know this thanks!