How to make BOLD TEXT in HS



Making bold text isn't hard but isn't easy...
This tutorial will help you get this done in 7 easy steps
1: Name your text
2: First take the repeat block and set it at 36 times

3: Add the clone block in the repeat

4: Make your own value and increase that by 12 in the repeat

5: Now pull out a new when block and pull out set position

6: Use Sine and Cosine for the positions... make it 2-3*cos or sine of your value+x position or y position (the pictures will explain)

7: Now sit back and relax and look at your bold text

If you need some help or got confused... tag me @UnderagedCoder1

-Hope this helps ya'll


Nice! Thanks for the tutorial, @UnderagedCoder1


Actually, increasing by 10 will suffice.



I have seen a few different ways people do this and most of them work
Althought this is the easiest one


I didn't find that when i posted
Do you want me to recycle?


Actually theres an easier way!


What way is that?
I've never heard of one?


I can make a tutoial later


Nope! I don't. I mean, it's up to you really, but I don't care. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it the one using random? That doesn't look as good.


You know there is an easier way to do this.
Just create 25 clones or some number and then when object is cloned move forward-10 to 10 and change y by -10 to 10


But it doesn't look as complete as this one


Oh wait that is the fancy bubble text way sry


This will be really helpful for anyone wondering, thanks for making a tutorial for this!


Cool tutorial, it is really helpful and awesome, thanks for sharing!


nice dis helped me alot! I have always wondered how to do it :wink: