How to make backgrounds which change color



I’m trying to make backgrounds that change color, but whenever I open the project it is just plain white. Is this a bug with code or something else?


Can you show us the code you’re trying to use to make the background?

Here’s a very simple color changing background:


That looks very helpful!


Take a look at the code posted by @ThinBuffalo. It is really helpful!


That’s exactly the thing I’m trying to code! Thanks @ThinBuffalo! It’s really helpful!


When I did it on my own (before I posed this), the screen stayed white for some reason. I have no idea how that happened though. Maybe it’s a bug with Hopscotch? It happens lots of times when I’m coding or drawing.


You’re welcome. If you post a picture of your code, we can find out why the screen was white. Better to troubleshoot it and learn (even if just discovering how to avoid a Hopscotch glitch).