How to make any color a HSB color!


Hey there guys it's the fluffy bear and welcome back so before we get into this really cool trick credit and shoutout to @Intellection74 for one of the links to the website this tutorial would not be here without her!

Okay so first of all find a photo off of google or anywear I am gonna use these skin tones for exsample.

Next, make sure to save the Image to your photos or computer.

Net step you wanna do is hit this link.

Then hit choose files and import the image.

Then hit so image and click of tap on the image.

Then you have a color code it's not over yet though!

Copy the color code.

Then go to this website

Paste your color code into that big blank, then it should give you the HSB RGB and more!



Nice tutorial! I recommend colors.findthedata for finding RGB and HSBs! :D


I have another way, you could do random numbers! Here are some:
HSB (630,100,100)
HSB (100,100,100)
HSB (300,100,100)
HSB (638,83,91)


Hmm, but then you don't get the exsact color.

That's random colors.


Cool tutorial! I like to use :D


I like using paper 53! :smiley:


Me too!


Also, make sure to hit convert hex button!