How to make an optical illusion/ home screen wallpaper!



Here is how to make an optical illusion/ wallpaper for your home screen!

First of all do everything Liza says in this video:
Then we have to tweak the code a bit...


Stare in the middle of the spiral then look at your hands! :smiley:
You can choose whatever colours you want! I chose random for each one so it's nice and colourful! :slightly_smiling:


You know, you could have just used to blocks of code in the repeat cycle. You only need
1 Leave a Trail
Inside of it, a set postion block with text x pos and y pos
2 Increase Value
inside of it increase ********** by -1


Thanks! :smiley: I'll try that now!


:+1: Your welcome! Hope it made some other projects less time consuming!


Thanks to @DuckmanTerry we have a shorter code! :smiley:


Your welcome, have fun using it!


What I like the most amost this is all the different colours but of course you can use whatever colours you like!