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This is all you need to know to make a hack-free account!

Passwords are really essential.

Easy passwords, like passwords similar to or the same as your username, can make your username easy to hack.

How do I protect my passwords?

Remember not to post it in an email, text message, a draft on Hopscotch, any type of social media or communication, Google Docs, Google Forms, websites, the Hopscotch Forum, or in any sort of communication. But instead of doing that, why don't you put it in the Notes app on your iPad?
For example, you could do this:

Username: Password

For a better detailed example:

tankt2016: whatevermypasswordis

Or another example is:

account username: account password

How do I reset my password?

This is pretty simple. This way is usually used if you forgot your password. You will have to put in your email though. If you don't have an email, put in your parent's email. Just enter the app (find the login screen; if you are in your account, you will have to log out by tapping the ••• in the corner of your profile), and tap the I already have a profile button under the Log In button. Type in your username. Tap the I forgot my password button under the blank where you put your password. Don't forget to put in your email or a parent's email! It tells you to. If you don't, you won't get the email from Liza that is automatically sent with the link to reset your password! Tap the link, and it will bring you to a page on the Internet with a box to type in and confirm your new password. Type in your new password. But try reading the hints below on how to make a hack-free password.

What shouldn't I put in my password?

Don't make it too simple. For example, if your username is Smile4Ever, don't make your password Smile4Ever or Smile. Or your username backwards. Or anything you post on social media, like "I have a cat and a dog named _____ and _____." Don't make it your pet's name, is what I'm saying in that example too. Or your nickname. Or anything smile-related.
And don't make your password too hard! Don't make it random letters and/or numbers or you'll lock yourself out of your account!
Try not to add emojis, cool fonts, or symbols in your password.
You could forget what symbol it is. Or you may not have the font anymore. Or you may forget what emoji it is.

How do I make a hard-to-find-out password?

There are some really good tips. Try putting numbers at the end—easy-to-remember numbers that you never post. If you want to use the numbers from your birthday, drop them. You should never put personal info in a password
Never use a password that someone else knows. If you are hacked or someone is in your account or someone knows your password, change it right away.
In progress…. Will add more.

Ive been hacked!

1Password is a amazing password keeper that will hold everything under a master password as well.

That is another way to do it :D


Just add capitalsI numbers and symbols

That's what I did


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One more thing!

There's a website that's great for passwords! Check it out in the link below!

Using the website, I found the worst passwords!

  • Password (this includes any numbers at the end)
  • name
  • Security
  • 21 (actually 3 nanoseconds, but the above are instantly)
  • Bae
  • Football
  • Soccer
    To name a few...


I don't think websites like that are good. Whatever you post never goes away, plus whoever made that website now has your password.

#9 least for that site, it just uses JS calculations. You never submit anything to them.


Bump, this is super useful!

For example, if your username is:


your password could be:


strong, wonderful, and easy to remember


Different combinations using the same strategy:



I think you all get my point. Using your username as your password but with a hard twist can be good :slight_smile:


I put all of the terms into 1 password (passwordnamesecurity21baefootballsoccer) and it would take 4 TREDECILLION YEARS to crack it! wow


I think thereisnopassword is a good password! It isn’t mine tho