How to make an easy alternative for "When ... bumps ..."



Since there are bugs with “bump” in HS, I decided to make this tutorial.
@BlastFusion Hope this will help you to fix “Minecraft Parkour” :wink:

  1. Let’s make two objects: square (you) and a circle (enemy):
  2. Add a new rule to the square:
  3. Let’s make an alternative code for “when bumps” (this will take two pics - for X axis and for Y axis):
    1st picture:

    2nd picture:

    You can edit the numbers!
  4. It’s time to make a rule for circle. It will make it move.

    (If you want, you can write “Move Forward …”)
  5. Now, you need to open the square’s code and make a rule that will help us confirm us that the circle bumped the square:
  6. Now, enjoy the result:
    For the beginning, the square is green…

    …but when the square bumps the circle, it becomes red!

    It is wiki, so feel free to edit it and fix my terrible English grammar. Bye!


Great tutorial!! I have used this method many times to make games, especially with clones! It is helpful with clones so that when something bumps one clone, they don’t all respond. Thanks for sharing, this is a great tutorial!


I agree with @Madi_Hopscotch_! This is a really good tutorial, thank you for sharing it to the community! :slight_smile:


This is super useful, thank you for making fun his. It’ll definitely come in handy. :D


No problem, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @William04GamerA, @Dude73!



I used a similar method back in September ish to get a less laggy game.


Now you can do when self is tapped.


Great topic! Ive used something similar once or twice :smiley:


Thanks thanks thanks!

Would this work in an older version?


A slightly simpler method:

This is actually “when is touching”. For “when bumps”, modify the code to this:


Oops, I meant to say in my above post that if something BUMPS a clone, not TAPS. You are right, if I wanted to tap the clone then I could just use ‘When self is tapped’. Thanks, I just fixed my post. :rofl:


Oh. Yeah, then you would use this.


Reviving this…I thought it was useful since it relates to a project I am working on.