How to make an artpad (basic)

this is my first time making a “topic” so here i go…

actually i’ll just add images

1. make a base for the colour palette thingy, like a circle or square or what i did, a hexagon

2. code the colours. set the position, set speed and size, clone a couple of times (like 10-20 times, depending on the size)

3. edit the clones. your going to have to add a few object variables, like h (hue), s (saturation) and b (brightness)
set the clone’s h to the original object’s h, and set the s and b to 100
setting to s to 50 will make the colours pastel, while setting the b to 50 will make the colours dark.
then make sure the clones will forever be their hsb colours

4. add a piece of code that lets you pick a colour to draw with.
its very simple, but you’ll have to create 3 more variables, h (hue) game variable, s (saturation) game variable and b (brightness) game variable.
make it that when the colour (self) is tapped, the h, s and b (game) will be set to (self) h, s and b

5. create a pen (yes thats all)

6. code the pen. basically add the ready-made custom block “Draw Like Pen” but change a few things (see below)
it is (top tip) also very recommended to delete the comments as they will make the pen lag. hopscotch will still run comments, which takes time.

7. try your art pad ! yes its not exactly the best, but at least you know (i hope) how to add more stuff and make it look cool !! also add credit its very important to add credit so no one steals your artpad (even if people can see the remix username thingy on the top right of the thumbnail)

i dont know if this is what topics are for. but its not as if people use topics to carelessly play simple games and befriend strangers online, right ?

!IMPORTANT: totally not having fun with fonts, but this is my first time making a topic, so please dont ban me because i made this post thingy too long or that i misspelled stuff or that i dared to create a topic when i am very new and have a smal brain


i made a mistake. i set the original objects h to the clones h.

lkxwdnwcdjn dont ban me dont please ban me xjwdhnciebq


Cool topic! :D
Very informative.

Don’t worry, it’s definitely not too long, you don’t get in trouble for misspelling anything and this’s one great thing of what topics are for :)
(I totally worded that wrong XD)


Good tutorial! That’s exactly what we do here on the forum!!
Oh also I don’t think I have said this yet but welcome to the forum, creamy!!!

Haha also you won’t be banned you’re doing everything right! The only way to be banned is if you consecutively do things against the community guidelines : )

I actually have not done that last part before lol i think i did that right


Very cool and informative tutorial.

You don’t need to worry, you are allowed to make the topic as long as you want (up to 22,000 characters), and you won’t get in trouble for misspelling anything. Most users on the forum are around 12, so a lot of them don’t know how to spell yet, as I was told a lot /lh (not trying to be rude or hurt anyone’s feelings)

You can refer to the community guidelines or a non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted for a list of things you can and cannot post here on the forum.

Welcome to the Forum, btw.


12-ish year olds understand how to spell (most words), they just dont care lol


don’t worry literally nothing will happen




Hi icy (that’s ur nickname) nice tutorial!!