How to make an art pad!

To make an art pad you have to add variables for a colour picker. Then you use check once if…and for the width you can use the control width’s X or Y position.

So these are the tips!
(Need more tips? Reply below!)


This is such a small tutorial that I feel would’ve been better in the YCTAYHCH


Nice topic!
Is there a sample art pad or something you’ve made? Sometimes a project link can help improve tutorials. You could also screenshot parts of code from it and explain how they work. That’d make this a lot clearer and could help more people learn.
Just a couple suggestions that can help you improve your tutorial :))


Listing out the steps in bullet points help as well


I’ve made my own drawing pad before (two of them, actually). With over 16 million colors to choose from, and 82 custom slots to save your colors, the possibilities are endless…


Every single feature I have (I probably should’ve posted these on the Y-topic):

  • Pixel Painter
  • Trail Painter
  • HSB/RGB Colors
  • HSB→RGB/RGB→HSB Color converter
  • Color Picker (Eyedropper Tool, Pixel Painter Only)
  • Custom Colors
  • Default Colors
  • 3 Rainbow Modes
  • Gradient Pen
  • Random Color
  • Randomized Colors
  • Spiral Draw (Trail Painter Only)
  • Polygon Draw (Trial Painter Only)
  • 4 Drawing Modes (Normal, Mirror, Reflect, etc., Trail Painter Exclusive)
  • Grid View Option (Color is customizable)
  • Center Axes View Option (Color is also customizable)
  • Canvas Size Options (Pixel Painter Exclusive)
  • Dark Mode

Nice tutorial - but maybe we could have a little more detail to make this topic reach its full potential?


Not sure what tutorial(s) I can add that aren’t already on the forum. E.g. I know how to make an instant grid, but there is probably already a tutorial on that…

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