How to make an advanced Crossy Road "Tutorial" with pictures! Anyone need help with Crossy Road? If so, come here!


I am going to be teaching you how to make an advance Crossy Road! This can be endless and go on forever.

All the Code and Pictures
What it will look like:

Get the main character

You can use any emoji you want, but I am using a chicken!

Arrow Keys

You can use any type of arrow, but I am using these ":arrow_right::arrow_up::arrow_left::arrow_down:️"


I am just making this very simple, just a light green background. You can make the background as simple or complicated as you want.

Adding Character code

You are going to have to make 2 values. ( Move Down and Score)


I used FancyKey Pro for the text, but you can use whatever you want!
Make a custom block for Change Y (can be used for obstacles to move it down) (will save you time later)

Making the Car

I used the red car, and like always you can use whatever you want for the car/vehicle/obstacle.
Make a value for "Dead"

Score tracker

I decided to put it in between the arrow keys, but you can put it anywhere.

More character code!

Go back to your main character (the chicken for me) and add this code!

More road code!

Go back to the road, and add this code! (Lol that rhymed kind of xD)

More car code!

Go back to the car code, and add this!

Hope you liked this tutorial.
Tell me if you will use this, or if you learned something, or if this helped you with anything.
If you need anymore help just ask me!

You can add anything you want, more roads, obstacles, money anything you want.
Like this Crossy Road I made:

This took quite a while too make!
Hope you enjoyed.
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That's Awesome!


I don't even have to look at the game. Your projects are so cool they'll blow me away when I play them ‘0u0`


Lol yeah


That's really cool :0


You're improving so much @Dylan329. This is very unique and many hopscotches hadn't thought of coding it this way.

Nomination for featured.


Thank you so much! The 2.0. Version was pretty fun to make.


Ok! (can you teach us now)


i told everyone in the first post


Cool tutorial! I think I´ll try to make a crossy road game (but with my own code), but this gives me some inspiration!


Oh, oops. I didn't see it. Should've made it more obvious lol


Oh lol


How are you so Sweg...?


I am not sweg? Lol
Sweg? No thats you


I ain't sweg. Lol...
Sweg? Durr thats you


You are lying, im not sweg, how am i sweg?


unravels long scroll containing all the reasons.