How to make a value increase every second!



Have you ever wondered how to make a value increase every second, and to be able to change numbers through purchases? Ever wondered how they do it in the best tapper games?
Wonder no more!
You need a repeat forever block and two values, for example, Eggs and Eggs per Second.
Place an increase value block inside the repeat forever that goes like this: Increase value Eggs by Eggs per second.
Then in the same repeat forever, place a wait 1000 milliseconds block.
Remember to give the per second value a starting number though!

Code is taken from my project, Easter Clicker.

Clicker produce clicks by itself ,how to do that!

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But...if your value was, like "Cheese" (IDK :smiley:) couldn't you just do "Repeat forever-increase value of "Cheese" by 1, wait 1000 miliseconds" instead?


Yes, but with a separate value for the increase, you can make an option to change how much it increases by each second.

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Actually, by Hopscotch delay, I think this is false. When I run a block and a wait 1000 milliseconds block, it will take a little bit than a second because (maybe) Hopscotch determines every block to run (which means it has a little delay for like 20 milliseconds for every block, however the 20 milliseconds thing may change due to your iDevice performance) which it takes longer than 1 second.


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