How To Make a Topic



I’ve been seeing people lately asking “How do I make a general topic?” and “How do I make a topic?”, so here is how.
First, go to the Latest or New tab. (In this case, I’m going to the New tab)

Then, click/tap the gray “+ Ask a Question” button in the top right.

After that, you should see a bunch of boxes. Fill them out how you want to.

When you’re done, tap the green “+ Create Topic” button.

There you go, you’ve made a topic! If you have questions, you can ask me here. If you are confused with any of these steps and want a fast, simple way to make a topic, go here: @omtl

Must Read for New Users!
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This is really good for new users. The images make it clear


This is perfectly explained for new users! The clear images really helped! Nice job.


Much noice


This is a very good tutorial for new users.
I can’t see if it is in #faq right now, but it should be if it’s not


I’m pretty sure it is.


Ok, I didn’t see what it was under though


Yeah it is I had to check latest


It’s in the FAQ.


I saw that, but thanks anyway.


It is.


It’s in FAQ.


this is helpful thanks!


You’re welcome


i like cheese too
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ha great


They can skip the first step.


ok that’s fine with me


Well written! I’ve found a way that you can create a new topic using a link, so if you add this to the top post, new users would basically be able to just click a button or a link and then the topic editor would open.
This feature even supports prefilled content, although I haven’t added that in my example below.

Here is a simple link:
Here is the link above, but clickable:
Click here to create a new topic

Here, you can find more information about this: