How to make a Sine wave?


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How do I use this

I made a “Sine Wave Generator” a while ago, although I don’t think that it might work as you want to. If you still want to check it out, here is a link:

And if you want to give credit, do it, but it’s fine if you don’t (at least for this project).


I want a regular sine wave.


Okay. I’d suggest talking to someone who knows a lot about sine and cosine, including @ThinBuffalo and @KVJ.




One example that I can think of

When game starts
    Set position to x(0) y(height) #not actually needed necessarily
    Repeat (1024 or whatever)
       Set position to x([object's x position value] + 1) y(sin(object's x position))


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Should I link it?


Of course it did. You were using code from the CoSine master.


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THE COSINE MASTER?! DID I JUST DO COSINE WAVE?! Haha just kidding, it mentioned sine in the code LOL. I just mess with Sin/Cos and values. One thing I noticeably learned was to tilt one of my backgrounds (RGB and HSB I think) At the Brightness/Blue I had to use its y position or x position.