How to make a simple drawing tutorial




Pull out any character like cupcake , Cody, etc...


Add a rule. The rule is " when iPad is pressed, leave a trail. Pull out " move forward " and put " set position. " in set position put" last touch x" and "last touch y"


Add another rule. In the rule put" set position "and put in the block "last touch x" and "last touch y"


Add one more rule. Put in " set invisibility " and set it to 100%

*this post is to people who don't know how to make it . It's just a little tutorial. :smiley:

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I hope you guys like this. I was pretty bored and wanted to do it to help any people. So, sorry if this is a boring topic. :joy:


Oops! My bad. The when for #2 is when IPad is tapped.

And for #4 the when is when the play button is tapped


It does no harm to make it here...


Sorry :sweat_smile:


Great tutorial for beginners! Good job!


I agree with @bluedogmc-official, great job! :grinning::thumbsup:



Thank you ! :smiley: that was so nice!


No problem! What is your hopscotch username?


Beautifulbelle123. :smiley:


There is another way to do it. Instead of getting a character, you can get a text block, and when your naming it, type nothing and just press cancel. When you play it will appear invisible, but you can still give it code!!
(What i mean by this is you can make it leave a trail, it will still leave a trail but it will stay invisible! Even if you set invisibility to 0!!)
This is what I do!

~ JJ


Great job!

I bet this would really help some hopscotchers that are struggling to make a drawing tutorial!

Try adding screen shots to make it more clear!


Hey y nobody listen 2 mehhhh


That is a great! I might use that sometime, ps. I'm the tenth Liker and now u are granted nice post


Thank you so much! Adskgf


This is awesome for the n00bs who don't know how to do this!