How to make a simple art pad

This is a really easy way to make an art pad

  1. choose text. This will be what you draw with. Click draw like a pen, open it up, and put in this code: (the hsb)

  2. create 3 game variables called H, S and B

  3. Put those into the h, s and b

  4. Create a circle. Put in this code:

  5. just keep doing that with different circles and colours, and you’ll have a brilliant art pad in no time!

HSB for different colours

Black H 0 S 0 B 0
Brown H 28 S 91 B 20
Grey H 0 S 0 B 20
Peach H 28 S 76 B 54
Orange H 30 S 100 B 49
Yellow H 44 S 100 B 49
Blue H 197 S 100 B 49

Link your finished art pad here!


Cool! This will be very useful, in my art pad I used squares instead of circles:

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Yeah you can use any shapes but I just chose circles


That’s nice. Lemme try


bump hehe

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