How to make a Scroll Game

Hello I will show you how to scroll

Here’s the link

Tell me if you need more help


Hello! That link just took me to the explore page in Hopscotch. I believe that’s because your trust level is basic at the moment:

I think this is the right link?



Your scroll example project looks really good! The code looks very organized and it’s very helpful :blush:


You can also do this:

This is what yours would look like:


It was changed so all can post links. Before, trust levels 0 and 1 couldn’t post links at all (it completely prevented them from doing so).

For me, it returned error 404 (not found). Looks like it was just due to a mistype of the link.


they deleted a d at the end of the link

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Thank you for putting the link

I have now changed it. It should work now

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Huh, it didn’t work for me when I was at basic and that wasn’t long ago… did it change recently? Or maybe I just did something wrong every single time… oops
Well good to know! And I’m glad it’s working now :]

yes @Magnifi, it has changed recently,


ah okay!!! :+1:

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