How to make a randomiser!



Hi! This is my first tutorial. It is about how you make an randomiser. Hope this helps you,@Doggened

  1. Okay,our first step is to get a text. You can write whatever you want.
  2. Go in its code,and do the following things.
    3.Great! Now whenever we touch the text,it randomly generates a number. The number will give a command to generate an emoji.(by the way you can name the variable anything you want)but first,create another text but don’t write anything

    4.go into its code,and put a when=
  3. Then do this
    How does it work?Well,if the random number generated equals 1,a specific emoji would come. You can add any emoji you want.

6 Then do this again,but instead of random=1,it should be random=2!and keep going on until you reach the number of emojis you want!I chose 5 emojis.

7. Now test it out! I hoped this tutorial helped you! When you tap the generator word,a random emoji should appear.


Nice tutorial! Good job putting it together, Aariv.


Thanks!(it didn’t take me much time though)


Cool tutorial! Everything is really well written!


Love this tutorial!!! Good job!