How to make a racing game


Learn how to make a racing game! Link to old one. Nascar race with speed
@Liza, @Rodrigo, @Maimouna, I'm helping you teach lessons.

Racing car game
Coding requests (Not taking request for now)

First make a race track by copying this code.


The race track can be smaller like Dylan Barretts or @Dylan329 game.


Then make a finish line. (I choose a square to skip some of the code)



Then choose a random car, put a dot behind it, then choose any color. (To represent a driver)


Type in a new text call race, then make it when tapped, set invisibility to 100%.


Now comes the hard part, so just copy the code. (The car has to go around the racetrack, different code for different sizes)


I know how to make a racing game lol


That's because you probably copied my code and it's ok to ask questons.


This is the easiest part, put the name of the driver on the side.


Now for the lap counter. (You need this because this stops the cars at the end)


photos are being a little mean.


Final thing: speed teller!

Please give me the link if you make a game like this.


Link to game: Learn to make racing game


I'm gonna teach you how to make a more complex one later.


Which one should I teach you first?

  • How to add a driver
  • How to choose how many laps you do


Votes are public.

Adding a driver is harder than you think


Good job! I like how you split the tutorial into multiple posts. ^^


Thanks, I like to help make games great again!


@Rodrigo voted how to choose how many laps you can do, so I'm doing that.


I just added 1 peice pf code and changed 1 peice of code