How to make a question


Some people say you can't but you can only if you log in and sign in

1.go on a question than tap underneath 'there are and ---new topics remaining,or browse other topics in Help' then tap add a question.


You also have to be a member to create a question.


I'm not a member and I just sent questions (even this one)


You are a member. Also @t1_hopscotch made a previous one of these when I started in July


I thought IT WAS a HOPSCOTCH OWNER only not a person you haves hopscotch....


You don't have to be able to be a member to post a question, I have been here since July and NO problems applied to me.

How to make shapes help people by putting help with shapes on this message

EVEN some people are saying you having to BE a NEMBER to actually send A QUESTION.... And it's defently not true I just new it!