How to make a poll!


How to make

Polls are a great way of getting feedback on a topic or post :D
Here is how to make one:
First click the button in the tool section of the post editor
Now create the poll how you want!

Pros and Cons


  • Easy way to get Feedback
  • Doesn't clog a topic


  • Trolling feedback
  • Can be used in a rude way

You need to be aware of the possibility of people voting mean answers, just ignore it, and if you can't, go by the saying "Don't ask a question you don't want to be answered" :D

Public or not?

Public polls can be good and can be bad.

The Good:

  • It is best used in a case like
    "What project would you guys like to see?"
  • You can see who voted XD

The Bad
- People will be less likely to vote honestly when anyone can see what they voted

How is this topic? :0

  • Polltastic!
  • omgee :0 amhazing!
  • Nice m8
  • Meh
  • Boi, no


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Is @AHappyCoder awesome?

  • Yeah
  • Yes
  • Of course!


Votes are public.


Who could say no to that question?


Nobody :3


Awesome topic! Very clear, especially headings and the screenshot, and also how you looked at the pros and cons is a great idea!


Thanks! I was just wondering how to do that!


Please search before you post, SmileyAlyssa already made a topic about this.

@SmileyAlyssa, do you know how to find the link? I can't find it.


Actually, it was me.

Please SBYP I allready made a topic @AHappyCoder.


Great topic! Here's a like!


Has this topic not been made before???


No, I made a updated one before ahappycoder.


Oh!! Btw I have a new profile pic!!


I love it!

I need a new one.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep I think so
One with more color...????...


Well, I think it's okay, because @AHappyCoder listed the pros and cons of polls, and it's just nice to get a refresher. It's okay if there are 2 or 3 duplicate topics (it makes things easier to find sometimes)! We just don't want 20 of the same topic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great tutorial, @AHappyCoder!

  • This works
  • This doesn't work


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Votes are public.


I don't believe those topics covered the same amount of detail as this :wink:
I was well aware there were many topics that only covered one concept on polls so I made one with even more info all in one place.