How to Make a Poll - New feature



When I tried to edit my post (the one with the poll), this is the message that came up:
You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.
So I guess you can edit a post with a poll, but:

  1. You'll lose your options
  2. You can't edit until 5 minutes has passed.

Hope this helps,
CeeCee :wink:


When voting on a poll can a person vote multiple times on the poll or does the code only allow 1 vote per user?


That is actually part of the code! It is by default one, but you can include "type=multiple" and "minimum=___, maximum=____" to change that!


Hi @CreativeCoder and @CeeCee, I tested out editing a poll and, like you said CeeCee, it says you can't add or remove poll options after 5 mins. You can change the names of the options though it seems.

The computer recommends closing the old poll and making a new one if you'd like to add or remove options. I think it does that so the results of the old poll are still kept.

And totally fine question Creative Coder :smiley: I used an app called Paper to annotate that photo. It's free to download and it's easy to use, and it's a great app for drawing but you can also use it to draw on pictures.

And @Stradyvarious, like @CreativeCoder said, you can choose whether or not you want your poll to have multiple choice or just single option. You can check the link I referred to at the very first post on this topic for more info too (that link is here)


Thanks, but i meant can a person cheat by voting multiple times on the same choice and make it look like the majority of voters chose that choice?


Oh that's a very good question! Luckily they can't do that and vote multiple times on the same choice to make it look like the majority of people voted one particular option. It only counts your each of your votes on one option once.


Hi @Whalephin145 I'm glad to see you testing out the polls and seeing them work okay. Like I said a couple of posts earlier, just a reminder :blush::


this helped!
Thank you


Yay! Thanks @t1_hopscotch this helped me!


What is your favorite character?
- Chillana
- Bear
- Robo


sorry. Just testing :grin:



  • Birds
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Nature



Okay let me try

What's your favourite animal?

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Lions
  • Whales
  • Others



This is a test.

What's your fruit?

  • Apples :apple:

  • Oranges :tangerine:

  • Pears :pear:

  • Meh, but this food talk's making me hungry! :yum:


You may choose up to 3 options.



Did thiswork?


ice cream


Why doesn't mine work? I typed:
I also typed square brackets for thefirst poll text other wise it wouldnt show.
then my options then [/poll]
What happened?


Hi @JaszyKake, you did do that right :smiley: Just make sure you add a hyphen and a space before each of your options, so the code will end up looking like this:

- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Strawberry


Ok, thanks!


  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • strawberry


It works!


Thats great JaszyKake


Thank @Stradyvarious
You know I was thinking of doing a poll to see what kind of story I should put on the choose and venture thing but my poll didn't work. :open_mouth: