How to Make a Poll - New feature



-like this
-not like this
-kind of like this
[ /poll]


1) space in between the dash and your options
2) no space in between "[" and "/poll"

  • like this
  • not like this
  • kind of like this



Thanks for your help! I did it!!!


Good job! :blush: Glad you figured it out!


Hi @Games as I was talking about in my post at the top of this page, I think polls are okay as long as you don't make anything irrelevant to the forum. The forum is for discussing things about Hopscotch :smile: You can read the Community Guidelines here


Oh sorry I was just testing things out


That's okay :smiley: Just remember to stay on-topic :wink: Your polls do seem to be working fine.

  • fifi
  • the
  • funny
  • flower



You can also make polls with choose multiple answers like this:

  • apples :apple:
  • strawberry :strawberry:
  • bananas :banana:
  • oranges :tangerine:
  • watermelon :watermelon:


You may choose up to 3 options.


  • This poll thing is AWESOME!!!
  • I don't like this "poll" idea



Hey everyone and hi @Fifithefunnyflower and @CutiesCuties, glad to see you testing out your polls and see them work. Feel welcome to post test polls to familiarise yourself with the process. Just remember not to stray off Hopscotch and off-topic though :smile:

You could say-
I'm just getting familiar with polls on the forum:

  • option 1
  • option 2


You may choose up to 2 options.

Like I said earlier, polls can be a useful tool as long as we don't misuse them for irrelevant posts :smiley:


Looks familiar, gonna try it:
Is this how it is?

  • yes
  • no


You may choose up to 2 options.

Thanks for the tutorial! :slightly_smiling: One thing - how did you get the title for it?


This is going to be a test. t1 said if you edit a poll it would mess with the results. LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!


  • original option 1
  • original option 2
  • NEW option 3



Hi @CeeCee, for the title or the questions of the polls that I made, I used the "A" button in the formatting bar:

And it looks like this:

This is an example of a poll:

  • option 1
  • option 2


And thanks for testing that out @CreativeCoder! I voted on the test poll. Are you still able to edit and save it afterwards now?


Thank you! This helped a lot :smile:
CeeCee :wink:


I think you can still edit it fine, it's just it resets any existing votes :wink:

EDIT: Yeah, I think @CeeCee covered it perfectly! By the way, @t1_hopscotch, what did you use to annotate your answer about the headings? Just wondering!


When I tried to edit my post (the one with the poll), this is the message that came up:
You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.
So I guess you can edit a post with a poll, but:

  1. You'll lose your options
  2. You can't edit until 5 minutes has passed.

Hope this helps,
CeeCee :wink:


When voting on a poll can a person vote multiple times on the poll or does the code only allow 1 vote per user?


That is actually part of the code! It is by default one, but you can include "type=multiple" and "minimum=___, maximum=____" to change that!