How to Make a Poll - New feature




On the topic of voting, I just found out you can add polls in your posts :smiley:

What tag do you use most often on the forum?

  • howtos
  • forum
  • ideas
  • tips
  • other


I found this out at a post here which I recommend you have a look at. This is a really interesting feature and it might be useful for the Hopscotch Team for getting feedback about how we use the app.

On the downside though, if people misuse them and survey things unrelated to Hopscotch, all there will be is spam which is not what we want :frowning:

Do you think polls would be useful for the forum? If so, in what way?

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Interesting! This could really help Hopscotch get feedback on various things.

Could you maybe post a screenshot of the code to help us see better how to do polls?


Here is another poll, and underneath it, you'll see the code for how it works.

What tab in Hopscotch do you often publish in the most?

  • #games
  • #help
  • #movies
  • #pixelart
  • #websites
  • #art
  • #fashion
  • #emojitecture
  • Newest


And this is the code that I put for this poll:

- #games
- #help
- #movies
- #pixelart
- #websites
- #art
- #fashion
- #emojitecture
- Newest


If you've used HTML this may look familiar. So how it works is you have this at the top and the bottom:


And everything you put in between will appear inside your poll as options. You have to add them in this format:

- option1
- option2

It would be useful for Hopscotch on getting feedback from different features I agree @CreativeCoder :smiley:

The Lonely Crew

Thanks! So we just put something like that directly into the post?


Yep @CreativeCoder that's right. I have just added more explanation to the post so it's easier to follow :smiley:


Good job! Exactly, it's like HTML with different brackets and lists :smile:


I did it. YAY. :smile:

You should also put on there how important the space in between the dash and the option is.


Yeah that is important, so make sure you have a space between the dash and the name of your option when you are typing options.

- option A

So make sure you don't do this:

-option A

And also another important point, after you have made a poll you cannot edit it since I think it messes with the results.


It is like HTML. I know because I use HTML almost every day.


Great discovery!
This is awesome, can't wait to use it.


You can add multiple choice to your polls by adding this:

[poll type=multiple]

Useful if you want to have multiple choice :smiley:

You can also decide how many choices you can pick as well:

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]

So here you can pick a minimum of 1 choice and a maximum of three choices in the poll.

Check this link from Discourse (it's just the same one I put in the topic post) for more info :smile:

Poll (test!) (favourite thing about hopscotch)
Say Something Nice To The Hopscotcher Above!
The Lonely Crew
[poll type=multiple]
- Chillana 
- Bear
- Cupcake
- Gorilla
- Dino
- Octopus 
- Star girl
- Jody 
- Monkey
- Cosmic Cody
- Robo
- frog
- Mr. Mustache 
- Space pod
- Bird
- Raccoon 
- Parrot
- Any paid characters



Why didn't that work?


I don't think you need "type=multiple" after it.


Hi @DanceMG did you happen to put spaces before the [poll] and [/poll]? If you did, make sure you delete them, otherwise it greys out like that.

Thanks @Kiwicute2015 for helping out :smiley: You can add type=multiple if you want to make your poll multiple choice though.


Which Hopscotch Character Do You Like the Most?

  • chillana
  • bear
  • cupcake
  • gorilla
  • Dino
  • octopus
  • star girl
  • Jody
  • monkey
  • cosmic Cody
  • robo
  • frog
  • Mr. Mustache
  • space pod
  • bird
  • raccoon
  • parrot
  • any paid characters


You may choose up to 18 options.


@t1_hopscotch thanks! I will try that now

  • Stargirl
  • chillana
  • Cupcake





I can't figure out how to do it? Do you have to make your own in code?