How to make a poll/ did this poll work?


[Poll type=multiple]
- A new game
- A new and improved website
- A brand new game: Tap Titans

Can't make a poll?(case solved)

No, sadly it doesn't

Sorry but I can't help, maybe @t1_hopscotch can help, i've never done it but he has a post that should help.


There is only one thing wrong. At the bottom, you said [poll/]. It should be [/poll]. Everything else you did great! Hope this helps! :blush: :wink:


That's right @Glitter_Kitty, I see that you've fixed the [poll/] into [/poll] which is great. Just make sure that you don't type any spaces before [poll] and [/poll] as well. If you have, just delete those spaces.

You can check the link that @TromaxTheDestroyer shared from my post as well :smiley:

Thanks to Glitter_Kitty and TromaxTheDestroyer (and just so you are aware, I am a girl :smile:)


Also, I don't know if this is case-sensitive or not, but you might want to make the poll and /poll (I can't do brackets or it thinks I'm making a poll) lowercase just to be sure.


Your code works



I did it without the "multiple" and it still worked

  • A new game
  • A new and improved website
  • A brand new game: Tap Titans


You may choose up to 3 options.

I literally just copied and pasted your code into my reply box and it worked..that's really weird


I voted for absolutely no reason.


I think it's because you did this — and not - one's longer and one's shorter l think you just did the longer one instead of the shorter one.




Didn't work I'm guessing.


I was testing it. I still am a bit confused...


Hi @HoppingBanana, just make sure you add [poll] at the top of your poll and [/poll] at the bottom of your poll. Like this:

 - 1
 - 2
 - 3


Hi @t1_hopscotch, sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I was wondering how did you make the text a block? As in when you were showing how to write a poll. Thanks!

How to type coding on the forum

Surround your text with three backticks:

var sum = 2 + 3; 


var sum = 2 + 3;

Or indent by 4 spaces:




How to Use the Forum

Thanks @riking for sharing the tip :smiley: And you can press the </> button in the formatting bar too. I forgot to link my reply but it's here, in case anyone else is wondering how to show code for polls in a highlighted box.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3



Yay! My first poll worked!!!!!!