How to Make a Pixel Art Template! :D


Hi guys, today we are gonna learn how to make a pixel art template!
Requested by @KVJ
So first, get an image you want to create in Hopscotch. I want to do Hatsune Miku, so I'll save an image of her

Next, we are going to open up the app Tayasui Sketches Pro. You could use other drawing apps that have layers, and save to the camera roll without screenshotting, though.
Now, we are going to upload the photo and crop it how we want it to be.
Now, we are going on the internet and searching up "square grid." We go to search tools, click "colors," and click transparent. Now, even will get a grid that is transparent for pixel art.
I use this one.

We will get the layers out now. Start a new layer, and use the one above the layer with the picture you want to create in Hopscotch. Upload the grid into the new layer. Crop it to the place that you want to create.
Save the photo to your camera roll, and create it in Hopscotch.
I'll try and help some people with basic pixel art.

Mettaton pixel art?

Well said!

Great tutorial :clap:🏻



Thanks @WitnessTheLitness!! Very helpful!


Awesome tutorial! Thanks!
Maybe I'll try Pixel Art soon.... :D


Is that how it should look?


Is the grid you use transparent? It doesn't look like a .png image to me, it's a gif.


Yeah same.


Maybe zoom in a bit....That way the eye can fill a square


The grid would be too small then.

@CheckyWecky, get a bigger grid and fit your image into there. :slight_smile:


Get a grid with smaller squares.


This one?


Well what if there's curved lines in a box? How would you do that?