How to make a part 1 cookie click [tutorial]

Hi there this is my second tutorial sorry if I wrote it bad I hope you like it

So let’s get started so first create a new project

Then add the cookie

Now to start coding

We’ll get back to this later

Then we need to add the leaderboard

Now to add the next object

Then let’s add code to this object when you’re on the set text to let’s a variable it looks like this :point_down: tap it and go to iPad variables and press
New variable and call it cookies

After that press the :white_check_mark: button.

Now let’s get back to the cookie :cookie:

Then for the shop

Now back to the Appel again we’re almost done

And now put your objects in this position

And we’re done! Part 2 coming soon
Please tell me if it doesn’t work


Should have pressed play to see the “final results” just for now and then update it every time you add to this tutorial.

This is a great tutorial! Everything is really well written and easy to understand! :slight_smile: