How to make a number pad



If you want to learn how to make a number pad, this is the right place. First you should have these items:

  1. A text with a 0 on it for the screen
  2. A 1
  3. A 2
  4. A 3
  5. A 4
  6. A 5
  7. A 6
  8. A 7
  9. A 8
  10. A 9
  11. A 0

Note: The text in brackets is a value.
So first you make a value named screen. Then, in the screen object, add this:

When play button is tapped:

Repeat Forever {
Set Text to [screen]

For every number button (insert the text of the button where the parentheses are):

When () is tapped:

Set Value [screen] to [screen] + 10 x ()

I hope you liked this tutorial. You can expand this into a calculator or a password entry pad or even something else. Feedback is appreciated. Credit to @t1_hopscotch for this.

-SQUISHY- and Duckman's project
Tutorial ideas:

This is very helpful!!! Can't wait to use it!! (Don't worry I'll give you credit :wink:)


Great explination (short and clear), always tried to do something like that but never found out how.
Can't wait to use it and as @SQUISHY said: give you credit!!


@SQUISHY, @TromaxTheDestroyer, don't forget I originally got it from @t1_hopscotch! Search for Ncalc on Hopscotch and you'll see an example.


You could also use emojis as numbers: How to get emojis