How to make... A model



I got a request from snowboarder champion saying that she would like me to make a tutorial so here I go.
Step 1: Open a blank project
Step 2: Pull out a text write the name of what you are doing and place it on the screen. (I will do hair)
Step 3: Make a new rule
Use grow , positions , angles and text to create that. (Use fancy key for blocks)
Step 4: Keep on doing that till you end up with a model

Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

That's really helpful, I made a model, but it looks like a tomboy. Search on hopscotch my account Explorer:herb: (new) if you want to see it.


Awesome! If you are interested you might also want to check out ToasterRebellion's project with shape symbols:

Here's the link to the project. You might find the tips useful for making your own model :smiley:


Do you want me to help you fix it?


It's ok, I wanted it to be a tomboy. I will make another one soon.:blush:


This is my tomboy model, it's not so good.


It looks good! A lot of hard work goes into models it took me a whole day to make my profile picture :wink: So it takes time but it pays off