How to make a long game on hopscotch



I saw some hopscotchers make long and cool games like -Madi-'s lemonade stand game. How do hopscotchers make it so long? Plz help me


They just try try and try and it takes months, when you finally finished a project, don't publish it and what? Go to Disney World? Nope, play it all over again! Edit and Edit to make games better. They just wait and be patient to add more stuff. I would say Madi's Lemonade Stand Game took 3 months though.emphasized text


@Madi_Hopscotch_ any tips on how to make a really complex game?

Effort and time are definitely necessary, but there are also ways of organizing your code to create different parts of the game.


Yes, it took a lot of time and effort to make my lemonade stand game. I kept going because I knew it would turn out really nicely when I was finished. For me, my lemonade stand game used a lot of values and sometimes it was very hard to figure out where some of them were because they were all used in different texts.

My advice to make a long and complex game would be to keep all your values in one text labeled "Values" or something so you can find them. This will make much easier to find them. (I should have done this for my lemonade stand game!)

There are many other strategies on how to make a long game too.
I hope this helps!:grinning:

Finding values from different objects in a project

I'm a HUGE fan of your projects!


Hi @Madi_Hopscotch_ I have a tip with finding values for different objects and using them, here's a post I made about it :smiley:


This topic is important. S.