How to make a keyboard


Hi guys this is my first tutorial sorry if
I didn’t write this so good.

First type what you want for the keyboard

Next make another object type down |

Now get back in to the object that you’re going to use to type down
And code what you see here onto the object you want to be typed
For the set position do ( | Where the letters w. . . X Position and do I where the letters w . . . Y position )

Then for the | object go back into it and code this

Then you should be done :white_check_mark: press play and try it out if anything goes wrong please tell me

Here’s what happened it looks all together it’s just that I made the object name to long


Here’s a keyboard project I made


Great tutorial! If anyone wants to see more working keyboards, here are a few (including one of my projects):
Made by @CreationsOfaNoob:
Made by @William04GamerA (me):
Made by @Carlique: