How to make a joystick in Hopscotch?



Yo guys its me shiningstar but y’all can call me shining.

I’m makin a Crossy road game but instaed of arrow buttons, I wanted to use a joystick to move the chicken. I know theres a video on utube but I wanted a somewhat diffrent technique for it.

I’ll turn this into a GT later. Thanks @ArtisticCoder.



What do you mean by “different technique”?


Dood I mean a diffrent way to code the joystick.


Why do you need to code it differently?


Did you watch the tutorial? It’ll show you how to code it while you are coding it


I want the coding to be a bit more mordernized i guess. The other ways a bit too long and time consuming.


I did but I wanst satisfied with it.


Well, that “other way” happens to be the best way. Just choose your own object and stick to that tutorial.


Ah gotcha, I’m sure there are more “modern” ways to do it. You mean modern as in like, you drag the joystick and when you drag outside of it, the joystick follows your finger?


Yeah like that! I like you already dood!


No there isn’t only one way ma dood


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to put links and stuff but I’m doing it anyways

This video shows the joystick that does what I was talking about


Yeah pretty much like this

Do u kno how to do it?

And also, dont you think touka is cute?


No, unfortunately I don’t not know how to do it


It seems beyond my ability in Hopscotch


Ok then but is touka-chan cute?


Who is that?


The sweet kawaii adorable amazing talented girl in my pfp


Oh ok


Btw do you know anyone who might have an idae on how to do the joystick