How to make a jet flying game


I've seen many games that have this and I would like to know how to make one! :grinning:


What you could do is:
When 7 = 7:
Check once if (and make a new value called Flying) Flying = 0:
change y by -10
check once if Flying = 1:
change y by 10

New Rule:

When the play button is tapped:
Repeat forever
If else block
ipad is pressed:
set value Flying to 1
set value Flying to 0

if anything needs explaining, just ask!


Nice tutorial @DrDuctape, it would make it better if you had some screen shots.


well, i do this on my computer, so i cannot
(they should add hopscotch to the computer!)


@DrDuctape, they are soon are going to start makeing the computer version!


That is right @Phase_Studios but I think it will be a web browser version of Hopscotch where you can play projects, and unfortunately not code, though that would be very cool. Thanks for the tutorial @DrDuctape