How To Make A Great Topic and How to get less flags!



#How To Make A Great Topic!
To make a great topic you might want to think of a cleaver title! This will catch the eye of the reader.
Try using full words so others can understand you.

##Try less:

##Try more:
next time
what do you think?

Correct spelling and grammar is always helpful!

Is what your typing making sense? read your topic out loud to yourself. Does it make sense?

#How To Get Less Flags!
Okay, so flags are given when your post or topic is considered “inappropriate”, “spam”, or “off topic”.
Now its okay to go a little off topic every now and then, just don’t go majorly off topic!

##Memes and GIFs!
Are memes and GIFs okay?
Well memes/GIFs can be good or bad,
Say if your posting a bunch of random memes/GIFs. This would be considered off topic. But what if it is related to the topic or just a cute small meme/GIF on the end of your post. Well that is perfectly okay!

###To many flags??
Don’t worry! if you manage to stay under 5 flags you’ll be fine! and you know what? if you get over 5 flags but you work really hard and stay on topic more, i bet the hopscotch might “erase” a flag! So flags aren’t really a bad thing! Think of them as a friendly reminder!

##Don’t be inappropriate!
okay so yes we all know this one but, remember there can always be a few little kids here! Weather they are on the forum or looking over one of our shoulders. Also don’t think it will only harm little kids, your wrong. Inappropriate posts can also haunt older kids and adults!

##Keep your deets private!
okay this is a BIG no-no your private deets are for you only! This community cares about your safety so keep those deets private!

#Summing it up!
I truly hope this made sense! I tried to write where all ages could read it and understand!
Thanks for reading!


Thanks for making this topic and saying all that very helpful


This is super useful and a well made tutorial!


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Great topic! This will help with a lot of people, but what if you are meaning to have bad grammar?


But the topic won't! U r the Pushen Nutela Gramma police!


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thanks everyone! and yea.... i dont do well with caps. Either i rarely do them or i do them in Odd places :stuck_out_tongue:


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This is so useful! Revive!


Pix's topic has just spiraled into off topicness and there have been no flags. ;-;




It is whether not weather, @SnowGirl_Studios


What about #random-stuff?